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Premium Cava: Reserva and Gran Reserva


Premium cavas are characterized by their richness of aromas and flavours, the fine bubbles and their harmonious, soft and slightly fruity tessitura. A premium cava is a fairly unique product: Only 2% of global cava production is Gran Reserva, 12% is Reserva and the remaining 86% is young cava. The law establishes a minimum ageing period for each type of cava: 9 months for young cava, 15 months for Reserva Cava and 30 months for Gran Reserva Cava. And for the latter, the Gran Reserva Cavas, there is a special regulation: Analytical and organoleptic controls to verify that the quality level required by The Cava Regulatory Board has been achieved. 


All the cava bottles sold under Guarantee of Origin Cava (DO Cava) wear a sticker that indicates the ageing: white for cava, green for Reserva Cava and black for Gran Reserva Cava. In Cava Guilera we only produce Reserva and Gran Reserva Cavas and we work with ageings ranging between 24 months and 12 years.



When cava gets out of the cellar it has its optimal condition. It is not advisable to let it age. You can check the freshness and good condition of the product through the degorging date on the back label of all our bottles. Conservation Temperature: under 18ºC / Service Temperature: 4 - 5ºC




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