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“Lands of temperate weather, where winter is mild and summer is not too dry. Limy soil, light and fresh, ideal for the long slender roots of the vines to get through. This is the region of Cava: the Catalan region of Penedès, a sea of vines, but without the monotony of monoculture regions; a region of serene beauty, mostly created by its vinegrowers and peasants. Only forty kilometers south from Barcelona, the region of Cava, a land bathed in the Mediterranean waters in its base, and extending towards the North-West, almost as far as the famous and unrivaled mountains of Montserrat, which protect the region against the cold North winds. The Penendès: homeland of Cava, region of its maximal production".

Jordi Olavarrieta (translated extract from his book EL CAVA)


It is a limy clay soil of medium fertility. Its richness from the active lime gets its pH to range from 7.5 and 8.5. Due to its depth and in spite of the limited pluviometry during the summer, soil does not suffer the consequences of drought and high temperatures, because it has been accumulating rain water from autumn and springtime. 



Climate main features are hot, dry summers and mild winters. Maximum and minimum temperatures are 32ºC and -2ºC respectively. Average yearly temperature is 15ºC. Regarding rainfall, which happens mainly during springtime and autumn, it is a scant rainfall, ranging from 500 to 550mm/m2. Evaporation escalates from June to September and yearly sunshine is 2500h.




Grape varieties allowed for cava making are: Macabeu, Xarel·lo, Parellada, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Trepat, Garnatxa and Subirat Parent.

The first three varieties are the traditional ones in Penedès. They existed there in the 16th and 17th Centuries and they are the ones we use in Cava Guilera.


Variety: white, balanced, strenuous, faint and specially rustic. It is the queen variety, exclusive from Penedès; with a low productivity, constant quality, high alcohol content and acidity, loose grains rendering it resistant to grey rot and with an extraordinary aromatic profile.


Pruning: long.
Grapes: medium-sized, not too compact, round grain and thick skin.
Wine: medium-high alcohol content and acidity. Ideal for making long time ageing cavas.


Variety: white, strenuous and with an upright bearing. Its exuberant vegetation may provide a high yield. Out of the 3 traditional varieties it is the one whith the earliest grape harvest, which take place in late August and early September. It is easy to recognize by its leaves, which are big and bright, intense green.


Pruning: short.
Grapes: compact, medium-sized grain, round, and thin skin.
Wine: fine, fruity, medium alcohol content and balanced acidity.


Variety: white, not very strenuous and semi-upright growth. It is grown in not very fertile soils. When conditions are perfectly suitable in height and fertility it has a medium productivity. The youngest leaves of the vine shoot, as well as the grapes, have a pinkish shade.


Pruning: short
Grapes: big, compact, golden and hard skin.
Wine: fruity and aromatic, with a medium-low alcohol content.

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