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.·. We are a familiar business specialized in ageing cavas .·.


Cava Guilera is a small familiar business, specialized in making handmade ageing cavas. We have chosen this way because we believe that a cava needs time to become a great cava. Time to grow, to mature and to naturally develop its intrinsic properties. Time for all of them to integrate and become a harmonious whole, pleasant to the palate. Time to let things happen, aside from the frenetic productivity that prevails in the market.

It is our passion for what we do and a real will to offer a quality product and service to our friends and clients, who have led us to reach such willingness. We are wine growers, artisans and businesspeople. Our work is our life to a large extent and what we do is an expression of who we are. The thing is that the main motivation for a self-employed person is to make things the way he/she believes things must be done, learning to manage freedom in a responsible way and trying to bring something positive to society.



.·. The Penedès is a genuine and charming land .·.


The Penedès is a genuine and charming land. It is rich in history, folklore, gastronomy and landscapes; the Penedès is —above all, cradle of the ancient culture of wine and cava. Which is fantastic. It is inspiring, encouraging and romantic to have a powerful and reliable industry like cava, which basically depends on land, agriculture and landscape. Because nowadays one feels grateful to be defending landscape preservation, not only in terms of aesthetics, psicology and nature, but also because of its economic return. A return that must be shared and must be beneficial to everybody in the Penedès, from the top businessman to the peasant.


Enotourism (cava and wine tourism), an economic project that can also be a philosophy, a new way to understand life. More respectful and sustainable, more imaginative, and in consequence, more responsive. In short, more sensible.



.·. We are all one .·.


In Cava Guilera we think that we are all one. A strong idea if we think about life that would fall sharply from current system mentality. We are all one means empathizing and moving forward as a whole and for this reason we propose a reorganization process which not only affects the business and leisure culture but also social.


We propose experimenting with the binominal (social + art) in order to invent creative ways to solve. To start with we are committed to promoting little projects aimed at making a living from art and... "Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar". Antonio Machado (1875 - 1939). Approximate translation: Walker there is no path, the path is made when walking.









Cava Guilera. Masia Ca l’Artigas, s/n. 08739 Lavern (Subirats) – Penedès – BARCELONA. Gps: 41º 23’ 55’’ N – 1º 46’ 13’’ E
I també Rodalies Renfe R4 · Parada: Lavern – Subirats. A 10 minuts caminant de Cava Guilera!
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